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Adoption of Labour Market Reform Despite the Government Crisis?


Vizjak expects the talks at the Economic and Social Council to continue intensively through the end of the month and is confident the reform laws could be adopted in March as planned.

Asked how the time frame would be affected if the government collapses, Vizjak said the process of forming a new government does not happen over night. "Whatever it may be, it will allow the current cabinet to work through the end of January or mid-February."

Indeed, the minister says the social partners are on board as well. "I asked them whether this new circumstance affects their readiness to negotiate. They said no...They all estimate that there is plenty of time until the end of January."

As for the prevailing dissatisfaction with the talks, in particular among the ranks of the employers, Vizjak said this could be interpreted as a negotiating tactic. "In the end we will look at all the measures and see what they bring for whom."

He said 40-50 measures are on the table that would "significantly" increase the flexibility of employees, leading him to disagree with the employers' claims that these are merely minor corrections.

As for measures designed to address the dual labour market, Vizjak said it was understandable the employers dislike them, as they often resort to "wild flexibility" in employing youths.


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