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PM Thinks that Govt Opponents Scared of Its Success


In the background of the destabilising attempts a battle was being fought for the "preservation of various privileges and other monopolies. If this is not yet clear for some, time will prove it to them."

Janša was addressing a meeting of Slovenians from both sides of the Slovenian-Italian border, in what was one of few public appearances since the Corruption Prevention Commission found he violated anti-corruption law and all but one coalition partners demanded he resign.

The prime minister underlined the importance of the Slovenian minority in Italy for Slovenia's independence efforts.

"Around half a million Slovenians live beyond the country's borders and the homeland has forgotten them too many times in the past."

He stressed the importance of the Government's Office for Slovenians Abroad, which preserved its independence while many other ministries had been merged together.

The government is aware of the importance of Slovenians living abroad, which was demonstrated by its decision to avoid almost any cuts in funding for minorities, said the prime minister.

Marino Qualiza, a representative of the Slovenian minority from the Udine area, said that support from Slovenia was very important. "Italy continues to cut funds for the Slovenian minority...that is why Slovenia's support is all the more important."


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