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New Terminal at Ljubljana Airport in 2015?


The terminal, expected to be built by January 2015, is meant to end the bottlenecks in passenger transport and secure possibilities for future expansions, as the existing terminal is barely meeting technological and security standards, Aerodrom Ljubljana head Zmago Skobir told the press.

Skobir expects that the final costs, to be clear after the contractor is selected, will be lower than planned. Present estimates show that around EUR 15m will be provided by European regional development funds, of which EUR 1m will come from the Slovenian budget.

Aerodrom Ljubljana management board member Bernarda Trebuša said that 23% of the investments will be covered by EU funds, 9% by the state, between 35% and 40% by the operator, while loans will be taken out for the rest.

Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Minister Zvonko Černač expressed satisfaction today that EU funding has been secured for the project.

He added that the 32,000 square metres terminal, along with the almost finished new passenger terminal at the Maribor airport and a planned investment Portorož, will provide for an expansion of air transport in Slovenia.

Skobir explained that the trend of falling passenger numbers has ended and that a growth in the number of foreign passengers' and a stabilisation in the number of domestic passengers are expected this year.

Moreover, talks have been revived on cooperation with Indian carrier Air India, he added.

Also highlighted today was the importance of a modernisation of the railway network around the airport, with present plans giving priority to a link with Ljubljana.


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