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The End of Government Coalition Today?


Janša, whose SDS has called on fellow coalition parties to propose a vote of no confidence, has still not responded to the latest developments, but could possibly do so today.

His office said he would address the press early this week when he will also file at the Administrative Court an appeal against the report of the Corruption Prevention Commission which says he failed to account for more than EUR 200,000-worth of assets.

The DL will meanwhile hold a session on Wednesday at which it is expected to confirm the resignation of its head Gregor Virant as parliament speaker, of Janez Šušteršič as the finance minister and of Senko Pličanič as justice and public administration minister.

The resignation of Janša, as well as of Zoran Janković as Ljubljana mayor, has been demanded by two more coalition parties, the People's Party (SLS) and Pensioners' Party (DeSUS).

Unofficially, talks are being conducted in parliament on the formation of a new coalition, the majority of parties have however been sceptical about being able to come to an agreement on a new political or technocrat PM-designate.

Also unofficially, the presidents of the DL, SLS and DeSUS have agreed that potential talks on including Janković's opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) in the coalition are not feasible until Janković, who has temporary frozen his PS presidency, fully leaves the party.


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