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Finance Minister Commenting Government Crisis in Brussels


"The Constitutional Court will first decide whether it would process the request," the minister said about the initiative filed yesterday by the Alliance of Workers' Councils and two other workers' organisations.

The alliance, the council of workers of power utility HSE and the Alliance of Slovenia's Representative Trade Unions argued that the law does not enable workers' participation in the management of the holding and asked the court to suspend the implementation of the article dealing with this.

Even if the court decides to process the matter, it will probably not suspend its implementation because it highlighted the urgency of the act's implementation already when banning a referendum on it, the minister said.

The court will also ask the government for its opinion, he added. "We will explain that we do not think it is necessary for the workers to be represented in the only 50 or 100 people will be employed there. Of course workers will continue to have their representatives at all the companies that the holding will own."

"I see nothing unconstitutional about that...but the Constitutional Court will decide on who is right," the minister said.

Turning to the eurozone, the minister said Slovenia supported "without a problem" the appointment of Dutch politician Jeroen Dijsselbloem as the new boss of the eurogroup.

Dijsselbloem showed "quite a lot of competence in searching for compromises and solutions" at last year's marathon meeting on Greece, which is why Šušteršič believes he will also lead the eurogroup well.

Šušteršič also commented on the current government crisis, saying that he saw no problem in taking care of day-to-day business at the ministry also as outgoing minister.

A decision on this and the possible exiting of his Citizens' List (DL) from the coalition will be made on Wednesday afternoon when the party's council meets, he said.

The ultimatum put to PM Janez Janša by the DL in the wake of a damning corruption report expires at midnight today. The report by the Corruption Prevention Commission, a watchdog, has found that Janša failed to properly account for at least EUR 210,000 of his assets.


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