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Slovenia Joins Celebrations of Elysee Treaty Anniversary


The European idea is founded on reconciliation and the strengthening of what we share. "It is not about forgetting, on the contrary, it is about always remembering. Peace has never been and will never be taken for granted," he said.

Pahor labelled peace a fundamental choice that needs to be nurtured on a daily basis; at the strategic level is needs to be upheld with decisions that strengthen international respect and trust, amicable resolution of disputes, and cooperation.

German Ambassador Werner Burkart stressed that the Elysee Treaty was a turning point in Franco-German relations and the development of Europe as a whole, noting that it was a key element in the construction of Europe as it is today.

Similarly, French Ambassador Pierre-Francois Mourier said the Franco-German reconciliation, dialogue, and negotiations for the achievement of good solutions represented the foundations of the EU.


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