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Slovenia Vodka to Take On US Market


The project - in which beverage maker Fructal developed the drink, glassworks steklarna Hrastnik will make the bottles and plastics maker Feroplast will produce the caps - was initiated in 2009, when renowned New York chef Peter X. Kelly visited Slovenia.

Vodka is increasing in popularity, why not be a part of this, Emil Gaspari, the boss of Good Voda, which will market the drink, said at the presentation in Ljubljana.

"Not only does this craft vodka contain a whisper of Slovenian buckwheat and water from the foot of the Slovenian Alps, but even more uniquely, it contains the love that is a part of the very name Slovenia," said Kelly, who will promote the vodka in his restaurants.

Moreover, the drink will be promoted on social networks, addressing both young and old, since " universal", stressed the project's creative leader Bruce Duhan.

Steklarna Hrastnik chairman Andrej Božič added that the vodka could become a global hit, as it "combines marketing knowledge and important personalities from the US, one of the best drinks makers and one of the best bottle makers".

Among the investors are also two artists of global acclaim - actor Bill Murary and dancer and actor Mikhail "Misha" Baryshnikov.


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