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PM: "I'm Victim of Political Inquisition"



Janša, addressing reporters after the regular weekly government session a day after the Citizens' List quit the coalition over his failure to stand down in the wake of the report, said he would be challenging everything that was not accurate in the report, which he said was a lot.

He said: "There is an answer to every sentence written by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption".

The reaction by the DL, and some other parties to the report was surprising to him in particular because the report was unfair in parts related to him, Janša said.

"This is an act of political inquisition, it is inaccurate in content, misguided in legal sense and the legislation it refers to is constitutionally questionable because this is supposed to be a final act to which appeal is not permissible even though this right is guaranteed by the Slovenian Constitution in case of any act by any body," the PM said.

Regardless of the finality cited by the report, the Constitution is valid, Janša said, adding that this was also the view of legal experts. It is for that reason that he filed an appeal and announced that all remaining legal proceedings ensured by the Constitution would be launched.

Challenged by a reporter of the business daily Finance about the report's finding that he made substantial cash transactions, and Finance's information that his wife had allegedly also paid for a car in cash, Janša said that his cash transactions were few and that he had explained everything to the anti-graft watchdog.

He explained everything in detail in the appeal, the details of which he plans to present to the public as well "on time, before the voters' judgement will have fallen, it being the only relevant [judgement] here".

The PM also said there was no opportunity or will for him to be able to explain anything from the report to the coalition partners, which in his belief showed that the report was just a "trigger that provoked a scenario that had been prepared for a while".

Asked about his credibility as PM, Janša said that he was accountable to those who elected him - either to the presidency of the party or to the government post. To them we he will answer; the party has already taken its decision and the voters will make theirs in the next election, he said.


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