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First Steps Towards New Government



The head of the largest opposition party said that all parties bar one - according to reports so far this were the ruling Democrats (SDS) - had responded to the PS's initiative for talks on ending the political crisis.

While no names for a potential PM-designate have been discussed yet, Bratušek said that there was "more or less" general agreement that a new project government would need to start with major infrastructural projects.

This would kick-start the economy while at the same time enabling a consolidation of public finances, one that would be gradual and not "as brutal as the saving that is being executed now".

It is also necessary to conclude the labour reform and talks on the new financial perspective, she said, while moreover backing changes to referendum rules, which she feels are not taking anything from the people but merely placing restrictions on politicians.

Bratušek mentioned the fixing of the banking system as another priority, noting that the project of the bad bank in its present form seems to have failed. Thus talks with experts are needed soon to find a solution.

Things are meanwhile also getting complicated with regard to foreign policy issues, as "the PM has started using them for extortion in domestic politics". Bratušek hopes PM Janez Janša is aware that "he can cause irreparable damage to the country with this".

Bratušek moreover argued that the government knows that its timing was running out and had "sped up harmful staffing moves, which will only bring additional costs and conflicts".


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