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Protesters in Maribor Demand Dissolution of City Council


A smaller group of protesters, equipped with sirens and other loud instruments, continue their rally in front of the building and sociologist Marta Gregorčič told the STA that they would continue their actions until enough councillors resign to dissolve the City Council.

The police detained Ljubljana Social Sciences Faculty professor Franc Trček, one of the spokesmen of the protests that started in Maribor in autumn and later spread across the country.

Ten out of 45 councillors have resigned since the protests started, along with Maribor Mayor Franc Kangler.

To dissolve the council, at least 23 of its members would need to resign, however most of the councillors refuse to do so before adopting the budget for this year to avoid a deadlock.

On the other hand, Gregorčič stressed that the budget had never been adopted before the end of March.


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