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Pensioners' Party Also to Leave Government


DeSUS's probable departure, coming after a report of the Corruption Prevention Commission incriminated Janša, would however not be effective before the session of parliament scheduled for the start of March.

The party's president Karl Erjavec has argued that DeSUS decided to delay its departure - the party's ministers plan to hand in their resignations on 22 February - in order to allow parliament to ratify Croatia's EU accession treaty.

Also delayed has been the departure from the coalition of the People's Party (SLS), which wants parliament to adopt the labour market reform in March.

Meanwhile, the largest opposition party, Positive Slovenia (PS), has been busy with talks on forming a new coalition, although the failure of Zoran Janković, also singled out by the ant-graft commission, to fully resign as PS president has proven a key obstacle.

The council of the DL is also expected to meet today and possibly discuss its conditions for entering a new "project-oriented" government.


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