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Problems With South Stream Pipeline Project


Dnevnik reports that Gazprom wants Južni tok to control the building of the gas pipeline, but Pilnovodi, the Slovenian partner, wants to manage the works as it has on existing pipelines in the country.

Plinovodi general manager Marjan Eberlinc would not directly comment on the report for the STA beyond confirming the resignation.

He said that "all the necessary activities that can be implemented at this point are being carried out with our Russian friends and partners." "The project is proceeding in line with all expectations."

Eberlinc added that there were "many open technical, economic and legal issues" on such a demanding project", but "both partners are consistently and diligently resolving them in the spirit of partnership and in accordance with the adopted agreements."

The Južni tok Slovenija management comprises the chairman, deputy chairman and two executive directors; one is appointed by the Slovenian partner and the other by Gazprom. The company was formally incorporated late last year.


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