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PM Janša Heavily Criticised Because Radical Statements


"Janša labelled the protesters as left Fascists; given that polls suggest 80% of the people support the protests, the designation is effectively targeted at 80% of the citizens," said one member of the group, philosopher Boris Vezjak of the Maribor Faculty of Arts.

Luka Omladič of the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts meanwhile detected "an impulse of the old political culture which feels threatened by the emerging new" in Janša's speech.

The Committee for Justice and Solidarity in Society is an informal group of university professors and activists who have joined calls for the resignation of the government and for an alternative to the current politics.

Janša's Democrats (SDS) commented to the announcement on Twitter saying that the EU had "long ago deciphered the events in Slovenia" and could "distinguish between European and totalitarian symbols".

Moreover, the party said Janša's speech was available on the SDS website in English and many have received it directly.

Janša's speech, delivered on Friday at a pro-government rally of the Assembly for the Republic, has drawn sharp criticism, including from the opposition and the Journalists' Association.


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