The Slovenia Times

Hundreds of Trucks Stuck Due to Heavy Snow in Italy


The national motorway company, DARS, has acted with the help of police to stem the flow of trucks headed for Italy, which earlier imposed a ban on lorry traffic due to snowy conditions on the roads.

DARS said around 1,800 lorry drivers have been asked to stop at rest stops and on hard shoulders in Slovenia due to the Italian ban. They will not be able to resume their journeys until conditions improve, which is not expected before Tuesday afternoon.

The company also pledged to provide affected lorry drivers with food and drink as they wait for clearance to continue their journey.

Meanwhile, local lorry traffic has so far not been affected by the snow showers that spread across Slovenia on Monday morning and are forecast to persist until well into Tuesday.

There are concerns, however, that the situation could deteriorate overnight, when the snow showers are forecast to intensify in the south-western half of Slovenia, dumping up to 50 centimetres of snow by Tuesday afternoon.


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