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Economy Minister Against the Sale of State Stake in Krka



There is no need to fix what is not broken, Žerjav said after talking to Krka management about the government's intention to sell the state stake in the company. The management as well as others across the region have concerns about the plan, the minister said.

The classification document, which divides state-owned companies into three categories, still needs to be approved by the National Assembly, noted Žerjav. He said that as the head of the People's Party (SLS) he would inform MPs of the concerns regarding the government plan.

If the region, Krka management and its employees wish the state stake in the company to remain a sort of a special state investment, than this should remain so, Žerjav said after his visit to Krka as part of the government's visit to the Dolenjsko and Bela krajina regions.

The minister said there were no other problems relating to Krka. The company is very successful and one of the key pillars of the Slovenian economy that fuels numerous smaller companies in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe, he said.


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