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Slovenia, Croatia Urged to Solve Open Issues


So far 22 EU members have ratified the treaty, while Belgium and the Netherlands are in the final phase of the process. This means that Slovenia is among the last three countries that are yet to ratify it, next to Denmark and Germany.

Since Slovenia wants to see the issue of foreign currency deposits of Croatian citizens with the Zagreb arm of LB resolved before ratifying the treaty, this was in the centre of today's debate on a resolution on Croatia at the committee.

In the resolution, the committee backed the efforts of Slovenia and Croatia to find a constructive solution to the problem stemming from the Yugoslav era but noted that bilateral issues must not hinder the integration process of candidates for EU membership.

The draft resolution, drawn up by Czech MEP Libor Rouček, was backed in a 60:2 vote, while four MEPs abstained.

A total of 62 amendments was filed to the resolution, 19 by Slovenian MEPs. Finally, five compromise proposals were formed based on the proposed amendments and also confirmed by the committee. One of them included the position on the LB issue.

The non-binding resolution is now to be passed by the European Parliament, which already gave the green light to Croatia for joining the bloc on 1 July.


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