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Parties Step Up Talks, Again Defining Faces Instead of Credible Programme



While Bratušek did not give any statements, Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) president Karl Erjavec confirmed that the PS head had paid a visit to the DeSUS deputy group this morning. He believes the no-confidence vote against the incumbent government will be secured at the parliamentary session in early March.

"If things do not move forward in March we are not worth a brass farthing," Citizens' List (DL) president Gregor Virant stated today about the talks. Bratušek had reportedly met Virant on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a few major issues seem to continue to divide the new opposition majority, one of them being the wide discrepancies in economic policy views between the DL and the SocDems and another the failure of Zoran Janković to fully step down as PS president.

The DL's deputy group head Rihard Braniselj still believes that the differences are surmountable and that the path to a non-confidence vote could be cleared as early as this week.

Parties have not been consistent in their statements on whether the new government being formed would only be a stepping stone to an early elections or potentially a more long-term affair.

Serious reservations have been expressed by the SocDems, who are not ready to accept the DL's austerity-oriented former Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič in the new government.

Moreover, the party still expects the PS, as the largest party, to replace its president permanently, secure a PM-designate and "seek a confidence vote".

The ruling Democrats (SDS), whose head Janša, like Janković, faces a damaging anti-graft report, have already responded to speculation about Bratušek being put forward as the PM-designate in a tweet.

"The duration of Bratušek as PM will be proportional to the length of her skirt and her memory about the operations of the NKBM bank from the time she was a supervisory board member there," it tweeted.


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