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Slovenia Referred to EU Court over Railway Directive


The directive is aimed at improving the competitiveness of the rail sector. It establishes a regulatory framework for the technical harmonisation of Europe's railways and removes technical and administrative barriers, including by providing common authorisation processes for putting railway assets into service.

Failing to implement the directive means that national bodies designated to carry out verification procedures do not apply the same legal framework. This would hinder the free movement of rail components and equipment on the EU market, the Commission said.

Today's decision by the European Commission is not the first of its kind regarding the country's railway legislation. The Commission has already launched court procedures over Slovenia's failure to implement adequately the EU's first railway package which aims to liberalise the railway market.

In December, the advocate-general of the EU Court of Justice found Slovenia was in violation of the EU law. The advocate-general's estimate is not binding for the court. However, 80% of the court's rulings comply with the advocate-general's opinion.

The court usually rules on individual matters a few months after the advocate-general states his opinion.


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