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Deja Vu: NLB CEO on the Line


The supervisory board said it had "complete trust" in the management board's ability to successfully complete the restructuring programme after the bank posted a loss for 2012 of EUR 304.9m in 2012, up 30% on the year before, with the group loss up 14% to EUR 273.5m.

Just days before, media reported that CEO Janko Medja had leased expensive cars for himself and another board member, and that NLB had a "generous" contract with an international human resources firm.

The bank said in the aftermath of the media reports that it would "reconsider" decisions regarding company vehicles.

Chief supervisor Klemen Vidic told public broadcaster TV Slovenija today that some decisions taken by the management "may have been inappropriate" in the given situation.

He expects CEO Janko Medja, who has been on the job for only five months, to "take objective responsibility". He said the supervisory board's priorities would include "decisions regarding the future of certain board members."


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