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New Comedy: Janković is Semi "Frozen", Bratušek for PM


Janković, who has frozen his status as PS president in the aftermath of a corruption report incriminating him and PM Janez Janša, said that there had been two options: either the council could dismiss him or he could offer resignation.

He reiterated that by freezing his status as the party head he had withdrawn from politics and did not hinder the forming of a new coalition.

To affirm this, he offered a blank resignation letter to the council last night which he said he would sign the day a new government is formed.

He urged the potential new coalition partners not to look for any more excuses in the PS, after some parties made their participation in a possible new government dependent on Janković's resignation. "If they now have an excuse that's their problem," he said.

The party's council meanwhile decided to put forward Bratušek as a PM designate and called on the PS deputy group to file a constructive no-confidence vote to the government.

But both Janković and Bratušek pointed out that her candidacy should not be "abused" merely for the no-confidence vote and that an interim government should be formed.

The duration of the term of such a government is yet to be agreed on, but Bratušek believes such a government should operate for a maximum period of one year.

"For those who believe that something needs to be changed in Slovenia, there are no more excuses as of today," Bratušek said.

She did not wish to say though which parties could file the no-confidence vote, as this is yet to be discussed. Bratušek is staring talks with deputy groups today.


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