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Unions Strongly Against Privatisation


The list includes good, profitable companies which pay taxes and contributions, executive secretary of the ZSSS union federation Adreja Poje told the press.

The union thinks the classification is based on political preferences and short-sighted in pursuing only the objective of getting money to reduce the budget deficit.

The telco Telekom Slovenije as well as the motorway company DARS are classified as portfolio investments, meaning that they could potentially be sold in their entirety.

"No sensible government would sell the national operator, the decision could even have an adverse effect on national security," said Srečko Lorenčak, the head of the Trade Union of Transport and Communication.

As for DARS, he said selling would not be sensible, as roads must remain a public good. The state should retain a controlling stake, he said.

Boštjan Marinko, the chief unionist in energy group Petrol, which is also classified as a portfolio investment, said it was wrong to "sell a goose that lays golden eggs".

Concern was also voiced by union representatives in chemical group Helios, gaming chain Hit and insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav.


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