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The End of Janša's Government, PM-designate Bratušek Still Without Clear Coalition


The vote follows the collapse of the ruling coalition in the aftermath of a report released by the Corruption Prevention Commission on 8 January, which found Janša and suspended PS president Zoran Jankovič violated the country's office-holder integrity law.

Three out of five parties left the Democrats (SDS)-led coalition after Janša rejected their calls to resign as PM because of what the anti-corruption says is Janša's failure to fully account for his assets and cash payments.

As the government lost its majority with the exit of the Citizen's List (DL) on 23 January, the opposition parties launched talks on an alternative government or early election in a bid to resolve the political crisis.

The talks led to support for Bratušek, but only after Janković offered a full resignation if a government led by his successor is appointed.

While Bratušek appears all but certain to be appointed on Wednesday, she will be immediately faced with the serious challenge of forming a government coalition, with the liberal DL announcing it is ready to reject participation if the proposal for a left-leaning coalition is not convincing.

In case of a failure to appoint a new government following a no-confidence vote that limits the powers of the existing one to caretaker duties, constitutional law expert Tone Jerovšek has not excluded the possibility of the president of the country being allowed to disband parliament and call an early election.


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