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Coalition Talks Go Ahead


It is expected that at least the make-up of the cabinet will be agreed early in the week, as the National Assembly will vote Tuesday on amendments to the government act which will reflect PM-designate Alenka Bratušek's take on what her government should look like.

The amendments involves reinstating an independent Culture Ministry, returning the prosecution service under the Justice Ministry and merging the Office for Slovenians Abroad into the Culture Ministry.

However, Bratušek has come under pressure from the diaspora to preserve the independence of the Office for Slovenians Abroad, and she told a diaspora radio on Saturday that it would indeed remain independent, though it will no longer be headed by a minister without portfolio.

The details of the political talks so far are scarce, but Social Democrat (SD) president Igor Lukšič confirmed last week that there would be a shift away from austerity to stimulus, exactly what Bratušek announced in parliament when she was elected.

Details on specific measures, such as Bratušek's suggestion that VAT will be raised and the issue of public sector wages, will probably be tackled towards the end of the talks.

Bratušek has until 14 March to put her cabinet to parliamentary vote. Until then, she will be busy with talks with the SD, the Citizens' List (DL) and the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS).


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