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Is New Coalition in Danger?


Emerging from talks, Virant said there was no promise of the DL joining the coalition with the Positive Slovenia (PS), Social Democrats (SD) and Pensioners' Party (DeSUS).

He said that the party council would decide on the matter on Wednesday and that a decision for a snap election or to join the coalition would be equally legitimate, so he "will not be signing anything before Wednesday".

The DL backed the vote of no confidence in the Janez Janša government mainly to dismiss the government, and entered talks on a potential new coalition "in good faith", Virant told reporters.

He will present to the party council on Wednesday progress in talks so far, his views and arguments both in favour and against entering the coalition, and then the council will take a final decision.

He said all aspects would be taken into consideration, including the coalition agreement and the proposed line-up. The party would be especially interested in who is to become the finance minister, and Zoran Janković's status in the PS.

Janković offered his full resignation as PS president in an undated statement effective when a government build by interim PS leader Alenka Bratušek is appointed. Like Janša, he too was found in breach of integrity legislation by the country's anti-graft watchdog in January.

The DL has been insisting that Janković also step down as Ljubljana mayor.

Virant repeated that the DL had made it clear that the no-confidence vote and the appointment of Bratušek as PM-designate was not a "blank cheque for the formation of a government".

"I will not be signing anything because the decision is not in the hands of the party president alone," Virant said, adding that the DL was a democratic party.

He recalled that just over a year ago the DL initialled a coalition agreement with the PS. Even though he party clearly stated that this did not mean yet its entry in the coalition, "we had been reproached for a year then how we tricked someone".


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