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SocDems Decide to Enter Coalition


"The Social Democrats have adopted a decision to enter the government headed by Alenka Bratušek because we want to contribute in a constructive way to the shift in the direction of Slovenian politics, continue with the cleansing of the Slovenian political sphere, build the basis for restarting growth and bringing experts into the government," Lukšič told reporters after the conference.

The party also listed priority tasks the SD plans to follow during its work in the newly-formed government. These include boosting the economy, investing more efforts into creating new jobs and opposing the sale of state property. "These will be consistently pursued also through the coalition agreement and our work in the government," the conference president Dejan Levanič said.

The SocDems expect early election to be held within a year. "Our position has always been that Slovenian politics can undergo cleansing only through early election," Lukšič stressed, adding that the new government was a step in this direction.

Lukšič decline to comment on the party's demands in talks on the new government and what ministerial positions the party would receive.

The party's presidency is expected to vote on the draft coalition agreement on Wednesday. "By then the allotment of ministries will also be clear," Lukšič explained.

The SocDems are the first party to have made a decision on agreeing to join the new government. Other potential coalition members - PS, Citizens' List (DL) and the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) - are due to announce their decisions over the course of the next week.


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