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Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility


The Business Breakfast, which The British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce organized in cooperation with The British Embassy in Ljubljana, hosted three panelists: Mr Sandi Češko, Founder and Owner of Studio Moderna, Ms Urša Manček, Deputy President of the Management Board Zavarovalnica Triglav and Mr Victor Hoff, CEO GSK Slovenia who led a lively and detailed discussion on the subject of CSR.

BSCC Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2013

BSCC ran this innovative competition whereby Slovenian companies were invited to showcase their own programmes of particular note that demonstrated their focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and compete for the BSCC Award.

The committee which consisted of six people judged the programmes by how the companies:

  • Demonstrated a clear vision and mission in respect of CSR,
  • Made a real and measurable difference in their community with a wide outreach and impact,
  • Showed a focus on encouragement and implementation of responsible business practices and   a desire to change for the better the environment in which it operates,
  • Engaged with their employees in participating and carrying out their CSR agenda,
  • Succeeded in raising awareness of social and environmental issues in the community through their programmes and how effectively they communicated this both internally and externally.

The BSCC Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2013 for large corporations went to Petrol d.d., Ljubljana for its programme Energy for Life. This nationwide  campaign was created to raise awareness of the severe shortage of available blood during the summer months of 2011 and to dramatically increase the level of individual blood donation throughout the country. The highly successful project has resulted in a far higher number of individual donors, which negated the shortfall and has ensured an adequate supply of blood right up to the present day.

The Award for smaller companies went to Energetika.NET. Their three projects: Energija doma, Modri svet and En.Občina were notable for targeting a youth audience that would be vitally instrumental in changing our approach to energy consumption. Its CSR programme also focused more on sustainability and the local community rather than just on short-term business development, and demonstrated excellent long-term potential. 





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