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Slovenia Willing to Discuss Ending Arms Embargo on Syria


The question of whether the EU should end the arms embargo to help the Syrian opposition in the war against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, as argued by France and the UK, continues to divide the EU.

Although member states agree that the deteriorating situation in the country calls for action, most are cautious and have been warning of the risks the move would entail.

The bloc's foreign ministers will be trying to reconcile their differences and reach a unanimous position on the issue at an informal meeting in Dublin this weekend.

Slovenia's position has received quite a lot of attention in Dublin as European diplomatic sources revealed that ex-PM Janez Janša was one of few leaders at the recent EU summit to support Paris and London on the matter.

Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec, who is not attending the meeting in Dublin, said earlier that Slovenia had misgivings out of fear that a partial lifting of the embargo would lead to even more violence in the country and would be understood as a step away from the efforts to find a political solution.

Slovenia is not against lifting the embargo a priori, it is willing to discuss it, but would above all like first to hear out weighty answers to many questions such as who arms should be given to, what arms and what are the guarantees they would not come into wrong hands, sources in Dublin said.

Slovenia is being represented at the meeting by the Foreign Ministry's political director Igor Jukič and European correspondent Jernej Müller.


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