The Slovenia Times

Temperatures in Late March at 50-Year Low


The inflow of cold air from Central Europe has been even stronger due to a cyclone that built up above the Adriatic, duty meteorologist Brane Gregorčič at the Environmental Agency told the STA on Monday.

Temperatures are currently a few degrees below the freezing point throughout Slovenia and Gregorčič forecasts that it will remain this cold for the greater part of Tuesday.

Snow has been intermittent, but will continue for another 24 hours. By the time it stops on Tuesday evening, the thickest cover will blanket hilly parts of southern Slovenia, while 5-15 centimetres is expected on low ground.

Gregorčič warned of the risk of avalanches in the mountains, where it is currently especially cold and winds with temperatures more than ten degrees below zero.

The only chance of some sun is on Tuesday, as scattered rain showers are likely from Thursday on, also through Easter holidays, while snow is expected in the mountains.

Temperatures will begin to rise gradually in mid-week but are not expected to exceed five to ten degrees centigrade at the weekend, which is still cold for late March, according to Gregorčič.


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