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16,000 Debtors Owe the State Nearly 1BN in Taxes


The list will reveal the names of 15,917 taxable persons who owed DURS over EUR 5,000 for more than 90 days on 25 March. DURS said it released the basic data about the list early due to strong interest from the public.

Among the debtors there are 4,476 legal entities, owing a total of EUR 578.07m, and 11,441 individuals, whose debt amounts to a total of EUR 350.95m.

The idea to release the names of tax debtors was proposed by the previous government in an attempt to crack down on the number of tax delinquents. The proposal was enacted in November as part of changes to the taxation procedure act.

This will be the first time that DURS releases such a list, which will then be updated monthly.


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