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Pipistrel Boosts Sales by 20%


"We also concluded several important projects," said Boscarol, listing the solo flight around the globe by pilot and photographer Matjaž Lenarčič in one of Pipistrel's planes. Moreover, the company is also very successful with its Alfa Trainer and Panthera air planes.

The Panthera, which will only be mass produced after the company launches a new assembly facility in 2016, has already become the best air plane of 2012 according to the aviation-related press.

The Alfa Trainer is a big hit in the US, however the company still cannot export the planes there directly because Slovenia still lacks a vital trade agreement with the US. Thus the planes are exported there via an Italian company.

"We are getting ready to penetrate several new markets...also on other continents, but it is too early to reveal more right now," said Boscarol.


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