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Police Unions Against New Cuts in Public Sector


According to the PSS, "it has become more than evident that the police is deemed unnecessary in this country". Both unions, still at odds with the government over austerity measures, said they would step up their strike activities.

The union said that the proposal, which includes cuts in bonuses for years of service, work on public holidays, Sundays and time on standby, would cut into the income of the police and other services on duty every day of the year.

Moreover, the PSS stressed, the police and the Interior Ministry have already reduced their number of employees by 12.1% over the last five years and last year's omnibus austerity act already took ten percent off an average police officer's pay.

The SPS also spoke strongly against any linear cuts in public sector pay, since the public sector is very diverse and "some parts have not rationalised their operations, while this has already been done in the police".

SPS president Zoran Petrovič said that any cuts in police pay were inadmissible, warning that attempts to pursue the proposed measures would lead to a "very serious conflict".


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