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IMF's Lagarde Calls for Facts Not Rumours About Slovenia


Asked about the discrepancies between the reassuring statements of the government and the perception of the media and markets, Lagarde said she thinks "the best is to actually verify by ourselves and to rely on the observation of facts".

"I think it is our duty to the membership to go to the bottom of the facts and to assess all the components of any economy. We will do that with Slovenia as we do with any other economy," she said as part of a press conference held after a meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC).

"I would not trust the rumours, the trepidation, whether from media, markets, or otherwise," Lagarde added, pointing to government announcements of privatisation, better management of companies that are on the fringe of insolvency and the reinforcing of the capital of banks.

"Those three principles are not bad principles from which to start. And having said that, we are working in a constant dialogue with all our members and we will do so with Slovenia as well," she concluded.


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