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War for Kranjska Klobasa Sausage


Nevertheless, Židan is optimistic about Slovenia getting another traditional food product under EU protection as he believes the arguments are on its side.

Slovenia filed for geographical protection of the sausage named after the region of Kranjska in February 2012.

After agreements on the use of the name have been reached with Austria and Germany, which had filed objections, Croatia also expressed opposition to the protection in August, arguing that it must protect over EUR 10m in revenues its producers and exporters make annually from the sausage.

Under the agreement reached Austria will be able to continue to use its traditional labels for four types of the sausage: Käsekrainer, Schweinskrainer, Osterkrainer and Bauernkrainer, which Slovenia deems could not be mistaken for "kranjska klobasa", originating in Slovenia.

Meanwhile, the name Krainer will no longer be used for other Austrian meat products, while the names of the four sausages must not be translated into other languages.


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