The Slovenia Times

Passenger Numbers at Ljubljana Airport Down 14% in 2012


Most of the passengers (84%) flew regular scheduled flights. As in 2011, flights to and from Germany accounted for 20% of all passengers on scheduled flights, followed by United Kingdom (12%), Turkey (9%) and Switzerland (8%).

The biggest growth in passengers in 2012 was recorded on flights between Slovenia and Russia (+15%), while the biggest decline was in travel between Slovenia and France (-57%).

Most passengers on scheduled flights travelled within the EU (59%), while 41% flew to and from destinations outside the 27-nation bloc.

Chartered flights accounted for about 16% of all passenger travel - most passengers travelled to and from popular tourism destinations such as Greece (26%), Turkey (22%), Egypt (16%), Tunis (8%) and Israel (7%).

In chartered flights, travel between Slovenia and Israel grew eightfold due to minimal figures in 2011, while the biggest decline (-50%) was recorded between Slovenia and Bulgaria.

The amount of goods transported through the Ljubljana airport grew 6% to 8,787 tonnes in 2012. Adria Airways transported 1,474 tonnes of goods, a 25% decline year-on-year.


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