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Ex PM Janša To Be Reelected as SDS President



Janša is for now the only candidate for president of what is presently the second largest parliamentary party and no surprises are expected even though candidacies can also be filed during the congress.

The almost unanimous support for Janša was underlined in January, when he subjected himself to a vote of confidence within the party after the Corruption Prevention Commission said he had failed to account for some of his assets.

There have also been no noticeable tensions after the graft accusations led two months later to the collapse of the SDS-led coalition government as Janša rejected calls by three coalition partners to resign as prime minister.

The party, which promoted austerity while in power after the 2011 election for slightly over a year, has been in the opposition since March.

Janša has been firmly at the top of the SDS for 20 years, surviving a series of accusations, including about alleged involvement in illegal arms trade in the early 1990s and alleged bribery in the 2006 arms deal with Finnish company Patria. He has not been convicted of anything and has preserved a strong electoral base.

Meanwhile, a resolution dubbed "Society of Freedom and Responsibility" and blaming the country's present problems on the unfinished transition, will be in the centre of the congress along with the vote on the president.

The resolution highlights the values of the independence movement as core values of the Slovenian nation and seeks to find in them solutions to the challenges the country is facing.

The party notably sees the need to change the electoral system to a majority system, which it says will secure more equality, fairness, transparency, responsibility, stability and effectiveness.


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