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Opposition Demands Parliament Session in Wake of Tovšak Fiasco


The party, which will comment on the matter at a news conference later on Monday, would like parliament to call on the State Prosecution Council to launch proceedings to establish accountability of the state prosecutor general for the situation and urge the Judicial Council to evaluate the work of the president of the Supreme Court.

The party claims that the Slovenian justice system does not operate efficiently and transparently enough, and especially not fast enough. They argue that the economy in particular suffers because it is taking courts too long to process cases.

The party refers to the EU Justice Score Board, which ranks Slovenia at the bottom among EU members by the time needed to resolve litigious civil and commercial cases. The party says that the document also shows that Slovenia has by far the biggest number of judges and court staff per capita.

The party cites the disappearance of former construction boss Hilda Tovšak, the Balkan Warrior drug smuggling trial as well as Friends in Bankruptcy scandal in support of its argument that the situation in the judiciary is alarming.


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