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Slovenia Supporting Chinese Solar Industry?


Marjan Hribar, the head of directorate for tourism and corporate internationalisation, told the STA on Thursday that most member states shared the position that deciding against anti-dumping duties would not worsen the position of certain companies on the market in the long run.

One must see the broader picture of trade between Europe and China, he said. "We cannot forget that this is one of the fastest-growing economies...which is of extraordinary importance for Europe's economy," said Hribar.

The Economic Development and Technology Ministry further explained for the STA that anti-dumping duties would have an additional negative impact in prices.

Moreover, a provision on the registration of imports adopted in March would be applied retroactively if the temporary measures are adopted, which is why companies, expecting a price hike, have put on hold all orders, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the opinion of member states is not binding on the European Commission at this point in the procedure. Bisol Group said in a press release on Thursday it was happy that Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht had the power to go through with the move.

The anti-dumping duties, which would amount to an average of 47% of the price are thus likely to step into force for a trial period on 6 June. The decision of the Commission is expected for 5 June.

Bisol Group labelled Slovenia's official position "national shame and high treason" and removed the Slovenian flag from its premises in protest.

The solar panel maker said that China had been "promoting the export of crystalline silicone photovoltaic modules and key components to the EU and other markets illegally".

Bisol Grouop president UroŇ° Merc wondered "where trade unions are when high-tech jobs must be protected and where the various chambers are when decisions are being made about high-tech investments, green economy and export promotion."

While Brussels is fighting against dumping prices of Chinese solar panels in anti-dumping investigations, China has launched a dispute in front of the World Trade Organisation over subsidies for solar panel makers provided by some EU members.


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