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National Assembly to Proclaim Constitutional Changes


The changes introducing the golden fiscal rule are changing Article 148 of the Constitution. The rule will step into force in 2015, meaning that Slovenia's revenue will have to be either balanced with or in surplus.

Exemptions from the rule will only be allowed in extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances will be defined in the implementation law, which will have to be passed in parliament with a two-thirds majority.

The constitutional changes overhauling the referendum legislation will change articles 90, 97 and 99 of the Constitution as of today. The changes limit the calling of referenda only to initiatives backed by 40,000 voters, eliminating this possibility for the National Assembly and the National Council.

The changes stipulate that referenda will no longer be held on tax laws, budget implementation laws, laws introducing urgent defence and safety measures, as well aid measures after natural disasters.

Voters will no longer be able to decide in a referendum about ratifications of international treaties and on laws correcting existing unconstitutional provisions.

After passing the constitutional changes on 24 May, deputies waived their right to challenge the decision in a referendum, so the changes will be proclaimed eight days earlier than the law stipulates.

Speaker Janko Veber said after a meeting with deputy group leaders on Thursday that he had received a document showing that more than 61 deputies waived their right to request a referendum on the constitutional changes.


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