The Slovenia Times

PM: No Pension Cuts Planned for 2013


In trying to secure sustainability of the pension purse, the government aims to avoid encroaching on the rights of pensioners, she said.

Nevertheless, debates in parliament indicate that it would be better to intervene in existing rights than increase taxes, Bratušek stressed.

However, any potential cuts will be in line with the Constitution, the PM said, referring to pension cuts introduced under the 2012 omnibus austerity act that were abolished after the Constitutional Court ruled that the provisions were selective in that they only cut the pensions of a group of pensioners.

Bratušek explained that EUR 194m was saved on the account of pensions in 2010-2012, the bulk of which, EUR 140m, came from slowing down or suspending the adjustment of pensions to wages and inflation.

According to the prime minister, this shows that pensioners bare their share of the austerity burden, however, she added that the pensions were not cut to the extent public sector pay was.


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