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Defence Minister to Visit Slovenian Troops in Lebanon


It is customary for the defence minister and top military officials to visit Slovenian troops serving in international missions around 25 June, when Slovenia observes National Day in honour of the day in 1991 when it declared independence.

The 14-strong Slovenian 13th contingent in Lebanon is deployed along the Lebanon-Israel border and monitors the implementation of the truce between Israel and the Lebanon-based Shi'a Islamic militant group Hezbollah. The contingent is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Andrej Jančevski.

Jakič and Božič will also meet, according to the Defence Ministry, UNIFIL-West commander, Brigadier General Vasco Anzilotti in Shama and UNIFIL Deputy Force Commander, Brigadier General Patrick Phelan in Naquora to exchange views on the impact of the civil war in Syria on the security situation in Lebanon.

The Slovenian delegation will fly to Lebanon with a Falcon jet. This is the first time that Slovenian officials will fly with the controversial jet which the government bought more than 10 years ago amidst a public outcry about its price and extravagance.


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