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EU Enlargement Facilitates Travel to Croatia



The enlargement to the 28th EU member is being celebrated in Slovenia as an important political milestone that will bring the countries closer together. Its effects will also bring tangible changes for Slovenian citizens, who will find it easier to travel and do business in Croatia.

Slovenian police continue control the border between Slovenia and Croatia, but crossing of the border is expected to be greatly sped up as 33 of the total of 57 border crossings have introduced single checkpoints. Moreover, customs checks have been abolished.

In another tangible change for Slovenian travellers, mobile roaming in Croatia is cheaper as of today, as Croatian operators will have to respect the highest tariffs set out by the EU. A minute of an outgoing call will cost 24 cents, and a minute of an incoming call 7 cents maximum.

The scope of healthcare rights of Slovenian citizens holidaying or temporarily residing in Croatia will be expanded to include all rights enjoyed by Croatian citizens on the basis of mandatory health insurance.

Meanwhile, a two-year transitional period for Croatian workers has entered into force after Croatia as of today, meaning that Croatian workers will be treated as non-EU citizens until 30 June 2015 in order to protect the Slovenian labour market. Croatia has responded by imposing the same restrictions.

Croatia's EU membership means that it is now possible to get customs clearance for goods brought to Slovenia via Croatia already in Croatia, and vice versa.

Slovenian officials have joined celebrations of Croatia's EU membership in recent days. President Borut Pahor and Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec took part in the central ceremony in Zagreb on Sunday night.

Pahor is also scheduled to join a breakfast hosted by Croatian President Ivo Josipović for presidents from the region on Monday morning.

A number of events will also take place in Slovenia to celebrate Croatia joining the EU. The main event will be hosted by the European Commission Representation to Slovenia, the European Parliament's Information Office and the Government Communication Office in Ljublana Old Town on Monday afternoon.


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