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MPs to Take Revote on Lottery Tax, Higher Court Fees



Both motions now need absolute majority to get passed again after they were vetoed on Wednesday by the National Council, the upper chamber of parliament.

While the government hoped to secure some EUR 7m in revenue this year and an extra EUR 17m in 2014 with the lottery tax, the councillors feel that the tax would harm humanitarian and sports organisations which are partly funded from lottery revenue.

The tax would be paid by lottery operator Loterija Slovenije and sports lottery Športna loterija, which have opposed the tax saying it will represent a large burden on their financial operations.

The court fees hike was meanwhile rejected after councillors echoed the opposition's view that the move was only about filling the budget while restricting access to courts.

Justice Minister Senko Pličanič disagreed, pointing out that the most vulnerable citizens would be exempt from paying the fees and that they would be increased by an average of 10% although the judiciary had proposed a 50% increase.


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