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New Record in Current Account Surplus


Slovenia recorded a current account surplus of EUR 882m at the end of May, up by EUR 674.4m on the same period a year ago, reads a press release issued by Banka Slovenije after the board's session on Tuesday.

The fast growth in surplus is due to positive changes in all balances of the current account, the most substantial in the trade of goods, where a surplus was recorded in the first five months despite a deficit in May; exports were strong, while imports declined as a result of falling domestic purchasing power.

The surplus on trade in services also increased, mainly on account of growth in the export of services with tourism making an important contribution. On the other hand, the deficit in net factor income and net transfer payments decreased.

The governing board of Banka Slovenije also debated a revision of the balance of payments for 2006-2012 and of the state of international investments and external debt for 2008-2012.

The board also tweaked rules on data reporting for financial account statistics, abolishing the obligation of rental companies to report for that purpose to the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES). This puts the companies on a equal footing with financial institutions and investment funds.


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