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Drought Causing Damage in Agriculture


As forecasts show the dry and hot weather with temperatures in excess of 35 degrees centigrade is to persist, the KGZS is already warning of the disastrous consequences the draught may have also on the vegetable and fruit production.

Vegetable growers without irrigation are expected to grow at least 30% less crops, and the impact of the draught can be seen on all fruit sorts in the quality and size of the fruit.

Irreparable damage is already evident, the chamber said. Corn crops were hit at the most crucial time and will not be able to reach normal height, while one or two mowing cycles will also be skipped on grasslands, cutting production by an average of 30% and up to 70% in some areas.

Monday's heavy storm that broke the last heat wave and cooled down the air somewhat brought too little rain to make a real difference and it was also unevenly distributed across the country, according to the Environment Agency (ARSO).

With no rain in sight until 8 August, ARSO expects the upper layer of soil to continue to dry with around five litres of water per square metre evaporating every day, causing more and more damage.

The situation is the worst in the coastal area and north-eastern Slovenia, where local showers did not alleviate the situation in the recent weeks as in the rest of the country.


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