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Govt Development Strategy: Building More War Victims Memorials


In line with the decision taken at Friday's correspondence session, the construction of a memorial to all war victims in Ljubljana and the restoration of Barbara rov mine shafts in the Huda jama mass grave site have been included in the development programmes plan.

The government wants to see the memorial in Ljubljana built by the end of 2015. It is envisaged to stand on the Južni trg in the city and will be a site for official events to remember all victims of wars in Slovenia.

Also on the list of development projects is the restoration of the Barbara rov mine shafts, where hundreds of victims of Communist reprisal killings following World War II were buried.

Under the plan, one of the two shafts is to be filled up, while the other will be renovated to serve as a memorial site.

The mass grave in the Huda jama abandoned coal mine near Laško was found in 2009. It is one of hundreds of mass graves containing bodies of victims of reprisal killings.

Slovenia has been struggling to close the wounds from World War II, when the country split to the Allied-backed Partisans, led by the Communist Party, and the domobranci (home guard), who in their fight against Communism cooperated with the Nazis.

The divisions, which were further deepened by the Communist summary killings of those thought to have worked with the enemy after the war, is still very much alive after all these years despite a drive during the independence period to promote reconciliation.


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