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More Slovenians Switch Energy Suppliers in 2012


The prices of electricity remained stable in 2012 and even fell somewhat for businesses, according to the report.

Electricity consumption increased by 4.1% although power production was 2.9% lower due to poor hydro energy conditions.

Slovenia produced a total of 14,545 GWh last year, which is 333 GWh less than in 2011, and its production-consumption ratio stood at 88%.

While there were no new suppliers on the electricity market, the natural gas supply market was swept by the entry of power supplier Gen-I in autumn 2012, increasing competition and leading to the first decrease in gas prices since 2009.

Nevertheless, gas consumption decreased by 4%, with industries using even by 5% less, while the number of users grew.

Slovenia had 79 heating suppliers with 1 MW of power or more in 50 municipalities. From the 2,484 GWh of heat produced, non-households used 43.9% and households used 40.5%, while 15.7% of the heat was lost in the network.

Coal remains the main source for heating suppliers with 57.8%, followed by natural gas with 28.6% and wood biomass with 12.6%. On average, the price of heating providers went up 10% in 2012.


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