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Boris Pahor Conferred Title of Honorary Citizen of Trieste


Pahor, who will be turning 100 in three days, became a citizen of merit of Trieste on the basis of his extraordinary literary contribution, which expresses the bright wish to search for truth, independently of ideological and political pressure.

He said on the occasion that "our two communities always lived in friendship and harmony" until others interfered, among them fascism.

"Now is a period when we unite again," Pahor added, while also expressing two wishes: that Italian as well as Slovenian be used in the Trieste city council and that Trieste Mayor Roberto Cosolini, who conferred the title to him, help preserve the memory of those who died in fascist camps.

The ceremony was attended by political, Church and military representatives and Pahor signed the citizens of merit book.

Meanwhile, Pahor's 100th birthday will be marked next Monday at the SNG opera and ballet house in Ljubljana with a central ceremony.

The survivor of fascist persecution and of several Nazi concentration camps will also receive the European Citizens' Prize, conferred by the European Parliament on individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to mutual understanding and fostering of ties among EU countries.


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