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Government Meeting to Adopt Revised 2014 Budget


While the deficit in the existing budget for 2013 stands at EUR 1.5bn, it is to be reduced to EUR 1.01bn or 2.9% of the country's GDP next year, which is however EUR 103m more than in the original 2014 budget.

The government plans EUR 8.63bn in revenues, which is EUR 221m more than in the original budget for next year. Expenditure is meanwhile expected to increase by EUR 324m to EUR 9.64bn, according to internal documents of the government.

The expected increase in revenues is based on the planned introduction of a real estate tax, of which the government expects EUR 216m next year. Tax revenues have been estimated to stand at EUR 6.87bn, which is EUR 561m more than the expected tax revenue in the 2013 budget.

The government planned to cut expenditure for wages and other costs in the public sector, but it was recently ordered by court to increase salaries for public servants under a public sector pay agreement from 2008.

This is to cost the government around EUR 170m, with Interior Minister Gregor Virant announcing on Friday that an across-the-board cut of public sector salaries was the only way to fulfil the court's ruling.

In accordance with the parliamentary rules of procedure, the government needs to send the revised budget for 2014 for passage in the National Assembly by Tuesday.


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