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Opposition Leader: Government Should Ask for International Aid



Procrastination is only increasing the final price, as conditions for aid are getting stricter by the day, Janša added.

According to the opposition leader, with the budgets for the next two years, which are being adopted today, the government is bidding farewell to the ambition to solve the crisis on its own.

Janša said that a scenario, a mix of the Greek and Cypriot scenarios, was already being prepared for Slovenia. Rescuing of the banking system is not going to be the only condition in any case, he added.

Janša reiterated that the budgets for 2014 and 2015 were unrealistic, adding that it has become very obvious why Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek maintained that she needs time and not money.

According to him, Bratušek needed time to "remove the confusion which arose in the banking system after its uncontrolled plundering, as it happened 20 years ago".

Janša thus proposes to the government to admit its incapacity to solve the situation on its own and reduce the price which has to be paid by taxpayers. Slovenia is losing its credibility by avoiding the inevitable, he added.


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