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Registered Unemployment Below 115,000 in September


A total of 7,896 people registered anew in September, which is 22.6% more than in August, but 9.4% less than in September 2012.

Among the newly registered, 1,504 were first-job seekers, 1,434 were long-term unemployed or lost their job due to bankruptcy, while 3,916 registered after their fixed-term contracts ended.

Registered unemployment in Slovenia decreased by almost 2,000 people as 9,827 were removed from the registry, with 6,419 finding a job or starting up their own business.

The number of those who found work was as much as 56.7% higher than in August and 16.2% higher than in September last year. The Employment Service attributes this also to active employment policy measures.

In September, the shares of first job seekers and young unemployed (between 15 and 29) increased, while the shares of long-term and bankruptcy unemployed and those over 50 or with tertiary education fell.

Compared to September last year, the share of unemployed women increased, along with first job seekers and age groups 15-29 and 30-39.

In the first nine months of 2013, the average number of people registered with the Employment Service stood at 119,542, which is 9.6% more than in the same period last year.

A total of 75,040 registered as unemployed in the first nine months, which is 8.8% more year-on-year. Most of them saw their contracts end (+12.9%), followed by long-term and bankruptcy unemployed (-3.3%) and first job seekers (+33.2%)

In the first three quarters of the year 78,432 people were deleted from the register, of which 50,995 found work, which is 13.7% more year-on-year.

Employers received subsidies for hiring 4,122 people in the first nine months, 2,381 people received subsidies for self employment and 5,228 were included in public works programmes.


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